An invitation to Engineering Students.

Financial problems impacting your studies?

We are waiting to assist you with NON REPAYABLE GRANTS, to help you become qualified.

As practitioners in the Industry we recognise that becoming qualified or pursuing research presents many tests of endeavour on the road to achievement.

We believe that some hurdles are necessary to ensure our final goals are worthy of recognition.

The Trust also strongly believes that some financial costs should not deny those with vision and academic ability in achieving their Engineering goals.

If you have financial problems in relation to your studies or research then the IWHM Bernard Butler Trust may be able to help!

The Trust makes financial grants therefore unlike bank loans these awards do not have to be repaid!

Grants will be awarded to applicants who clearly demonstrate they are having difficulties because of issues such as:

Grants are usually at least 1,000 but on the production of satisfactory evidence or in the event of a particularly strong case and / or team / project submission the grants can be substantially higher than the base guide level.

The IWHM Bernard Butler Trust was founded and is managed by people who want to help you achieve your engineering ambition.